Woah, chill your bean, Shadow. I only asked what’s up… I wasn’t here for any message, just t’ see how ya where.


-Sonic knew this Shadow was rather bitter, but never this much. Something was clearly up. And good luck shaking this hedgehog off your tail, Shadow.-

So… What’s happened? I mean, somethin’s clearly gone wrong for ya t’ completely brush me off, man.

-Sonic was not making Shadow feel any more comfortable. He stopped his work only so that he could give the blue hedgehog…not quite a glare, but a stern look.-

History would say that you are not much of a prodder. Your boyfriend has rubbed rather despicable habits onto you.

-He then deliberately returned to his work.-

I would completely brush you off regardless. Do you not have anything better to do?


Hey Shadow!


-Still on his little happy high from earlier, Sonic practically lept over to Shadow the moment he saw and knelt down beside him, admiring the communicator that he was rewiring. Hey… That looked kinda like his own!-

Ain’t seen you in a while! What’s up?

-Oh, perfect. Probably the last hedgehog he wanted to see, especially after he’d given Sonic a headache. No, Shadow wanted to work on his communicator on his own. Preferably in complete seclusion.-

Nothing. I have no cryptic messages to give you this time, so your intrusion is unnecessarily.

-So, he continued working and tried to set about completely ignoring Sonic’s presence.-

-Well, that was wonderful. He’d ruined his interaction with Silver within a few minutes of talking to him. Couldn’t reciprocate a damned hug. Fantastic.

And now, Shadow just had to be alone.

This was why he was never fit for relationships. He always found some way to ruin them, and now he was sure Silver didn’t want to have him back at the moment. Hell, he wouldn’t have wanted him back either…for whatever it was he did. Still Shadow felt uncertain.

Oh, well.

He rewired his communicator to distract himself. He might have to turn in for GUN soon.-


-That was the wrong thing to say in Silver’s mind… And sadly, a dark thought was seeping into him. Did Shadow just simply not care about him anymore? That’s what it was starting to feel like, everything he said, every step he took, Shadow seemed to have a negative comments. It was almost as if he knew Silver’s weak spots by now and where poking at them for fun… And what could Silver do? He wanted to get mad, get mad and yell at Shadow, ask him why he was being this way, why this relationship they shared wasn’t the same as it used to be. But again… What use was there in that? None. It would just be a waste of energy.

Shadow wouldn’t see the wrong and Silver would be apologizing once more.

Energy drained out of Silver as it was though, and all of the sudden his heart ached. Shadow used to be so different… What changed? Silver used to understand him, he used to see the compassionate side that he locked away, but now… It didn’t seem to be there anymore. Where was the Shadow that followed him? That purred at his touch? The Shadow that teased him and played with him? That taught him letters and numbers and reading and writing? The Shadow that broke the rules to save Silver’s life when he needed it the most?

The white hedgehog sunk down without realizing, his chin dropping into his hand as he just curled up there, unable to ignore the ache of his heart. Unable to move to get on with his job anymore… He needed to, oh boy he fought with himself, yelling on the inside that the world depended on him and he had to move! Forget Shadow, what would it matter when he was rewritten by time anyway? But he still couldn’t move… And he hated himself for it.


Was this why people slaughtered people like him back home? Because they seemed devoid of real understanding of these kind of emotions? That they concentrated on a cause and not feeling and will to survive? It felt like it. Shadow was the survivor out of the two of them in Silver’s eyes right now… Whilst he was the idealistic one that got shot on day one. He lacked the emotion and understanding for a relationship like this.-

-Shadow watched as Silver sank down his knees, not exactly sure what he did to provoke such a reaction. He hugged him, yes, but perhaps something underlying was keeping him from fully going at it. That didn’t mean he stopped caring about the other hedgehog, or that he didn’t want to help him through how he felt. He certainly did — after all, his staring and his lack of movement more than proved that. But what was he supposed to do or say that would make him feel any better?

The truth of the matter was, he felt like he’d messed up. He’d told Silver exactly what he thought, but Silver had become angry at him about it… Even though his thoughts were what he was seeking. He couldn’t help but feel resentful; he tried to help, but the half-assed apology that Silver gave him only barely acknowledged that. It felt more like he was angry at him for trying.

To Shadow, nothing about him had actually changed. He was still the same, steely-unfeeling black hedgehog he’d always been, and that would never evolve outside of that. He was supposed to be, after all. Yet, now was the only time Silver seemed to be discontent with such a thing. It figured, Shadow supposed. Nothing good that he had would ever last.

If Silver wasn’t going to make the first move, Shadow would. He knew his place. As a result, he stepped away from the other hedgehog and began to walk away, leaving him there. Shadow had full control over his limbs and had learned not to succumb to an emotion. Everything screamed at him to stay, to make things right, but the logical side of him knew that he couldn’t and convinced him to walk away and leave Silver alone so he couldn’t do any more damage.-



If you say that’s it…

-He pulled out of the hold, his arms instantly wrapping around himself to hold himself instead.-

-Silver let go of him, wrapping his arms around himself, and Shadow couldn’t help but just stare at him, feeling like he’d done or said something wrong, but not knowing what to do to rectify the situation.-

… Yes. That’s it.

-Why did he feel like he shouldn’t have said that?-


-Then he silently moved in, wrapping his arms around the black hedgehog and dropping his head against his shoulder. His head quills drooping, yeah… This didn’t feel right.-


-Shadow reciprocated the gesture, but just as Silver did felt uncomfortable with it. The hug didn’t feel like…it was meant. Like he was forcing it simply to make the other happy.-

Is that it?



-He lets out a gentle sigh.-


How about a hug before I go then?

… All right.


… Are you sure you’re okay?


Please, tell me, Shadow.

As fine as I always am.



… I should just go and get on with my mission now then, huh?

That’s your choice.


We finished talking.


Um… Shadow… Look, I’m really sorry about how I acted before. I understand now that you meant well with what you said to me.

… Apology accepted.