No really, Silver hadn’t even gotten the chance to talk about how much he cared for them and Shadow cut him like that. He didn’t come to his boyfriend for a solution, he knew that spending more time with them would cause them to live longer in pain, he knew he had to save them and he would do just that. He wanted comfort though.That was why he came to Shadow of all people, because he would provide Silver with that comfort?

Well… Guess not.

'Unless your resolve is that weak?'

Silver’s ears folded back at that, his heart thumped with pain in his chest as he clutched tighter to his knees, sinking himself further into that position. He didn’t really know what to say. No? Yes? Sorry? Right then would have been a good time for a space-time rift to just open up and swallow him whole.-


… Sorry.

-He finally settled on that to say, falling silent right afterwards. Yeah. Now he felt even worse. There was nothing like feeling bad for feeling bad, huh?-

-Silver’s response was not quite the response that Shadow was hoping for. He watched his ears fall and he curled further into a fetal position, and he was at a complete loss as to what he had said wrong. Silver couldn’t just waste his time lamenting on the lost. Shadow had wasted enough himself and he had nearly destroyed the world over it — it wasn’t a path that he wanted Silver to walk down himself. Yet, even still, he could admit when he said something that was out of place. He just didn’t know what would’ve been better to say. These situations weren’t Shadow’s forte whatsoever.-

There’s no need to apologize if you focus on what you’re supposed to do.

-He didn’t know that he was just twisting the knife deeper by saying that.-



You… Just looked really angry there for a moment.

-He chuckled lightly, brushing off the subject with that chuckle as he lowered himself into a sitting position. His knees up to his chest and his arms wrapped around them securely, clearly something was bothering the white hedgehog.-

It’s just… My mission’s close to being completed and I’m happy and of course I’m gonna see it through after all this work, but…


… I just hit me that I’m probably never going to see my family again. And I’m not talking about your alternate, I mean the humans who raised me. I mean… They’re part of the reason I’m doing all of this and I might not survive it… And if I do they won’t even recognise me. I have to do it, but… I can’t help but feel down. I don’t feel like I had enough time with them. 

-Shadow noted the vulnerable position that Silver had taken. It was clear that whatever was bothering him was bothering him a lot. Once he spoke of it, though, he was reminded far too strongly of his own moping over Maria, about how he tried to rewind the past several times in order to bring her back. Rash actions that ultimately hurt a certain blue hedgehog, and no matter how pushy he was, he would never wish that ill fate upon him.

With that experience in his mind, and his own lack of knowing the right thing to say in certain situations, it led to an ill-fated combination.-

The more time you would spend with them, the more they will continue to live in this life of suffering. You should forget about it. Put them out of your mind. Unless your resolve is that weak?


-Well then, that look had Silver tense up.- … I’m not bothering you, right?

You’re not.

Go ahead.

psychiccontrol wondered: ... Can I talk to you about something?

What is it?



But you like them more than I do! Plus, I’ve got a bed here thanks to you, that’s enough for me!

-He wriggled his tail happily, practically bouncing on his toes. Shadow was doing more than enough in his eyes, Shadow was great in his eyes!-

… Mmmmmm.

… Fine. But you ought to tell me something you would like for me to do to you.


-And he just walks right up to the black hedgehog and smooches his cheek.-


Then let’s cuddle. I’ll give you an ear scratch, heh.

-Shadow swivels an ear back.-

I should be the one giving you that.

-To be honest, Shadow has been feeling as though he’s been sitting around doing nothing too much.-



… So you don’t want to lay down with me and cuddle?

… I never said that.




A’ight this is beginnin’ t’ hurt my head.


You are only hurting your own head. It’s not that complicated.


That’s why I came here, Shadow. I wanna rest! 


From the looks of things, I think you should too. And… Um… I’m kinda always gonna worry about you. Sorry.

… I don’t need rest. I am the ultimate life form.